Painting by Shweta Kulkarni, CEO of AstronEra, of common man looking at the universe

The AstronEra Journey

Our Story

The Mission

To make astronomy accessible to all, we provide scientifically accurate and innovative learning opportunities.

The Vision

To be the world's leading astronomy education platform, empowering people to explore the universe.


AstronEra, officially known as AEII Pvt. Ltd., has been operational since 2018. Committed to the scientifically accurate and innovative dissemination of astronomy, it was established by Shweta Kulkarni and incubated by the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.

The Pune-based firm has gained global recognition for organizing stargazing events, workshops, and camps. Leveraging its experience with diverse partners and age groups, AstronEra launched the world's first astronomy-dedicated e-learning platform.

Hosting over 15 courses by worldwide instructors, the platform at is transitioning into an interactive community. This will allow the public to connect with astronomy professionals globally, fostering a community of shared knowledge and passion.


The International Astronomical Union (IAU), a Paris-based NGO, is committed to enhancing astronomy through research, outreach, and development. It sponsors the AstroTribe project through its Office of Astronomy for Development (OAD).

Established by AstronEra, AstroTribe aims to empower economically disadvantaged tribal students in India and Brazil. The project transforms them into AstroGuides, providing them with learning and earning opportunities through a unique online platform.

In 2022, AstroTribe successfully trained 15 students in Maharashtra, India. The project's ambition extends to training 15 more students in Himachal Pradesh, India, and Brazil in 2023. Through a rigorous selection process, AstroTribe identifies students aged 14-19 and provides them with knowledge, communication, and skill training. It also connects them with mentors and organisers globally for ongoing support and potential stargazing event opportunities.


First Stargazing Event

December 2011

Shweta held a public event for a Total Lunar Eclipse, beginning her science communication journey.

Astron-SHK Trust

November 2013

Our non-profit under SHK Trust was registered. Shweta, 18, became CEO.

DST, GOI Funded

June 2016

Guided by Dr. Mashelkar and Prof. Swarup, we received DST, GOI grant, launching our online presence.

IIMB Incubated

March 2018

Shweta, among top 100 women entrepreneurs in India, helped shape AstronEra, registered as AEII Pvt. Ltd.

AstronEra Founded

November 2018

AstronEra, the first astronomy elearning platform, was launched at Pune's Chandrasekhar Auditorium.

IAU Award

March 2019

Our efforts to popularise astronomy among tribal students was acknowledged by the International Astronomical Union.

OAD, IAU Funded

January 2022

AstronEra received an IAU OAD grant to train tribal students as AstroGuides through AstroTribe project.


March 2023

DST, GOI granted funds for AstronEra's AstroTourism and light pollution awareness in Himachal Pradesh and Leh Ladakh.